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We rely on the most dependable and trustworthy vendors to provide us with good quality products that we can pass on to our loyal customers.

James Austin Company

  • bleach

Go-Jo Industries

  • assorted soaps

Bodrick Washroom Equip.

  • bathroom dispensers

  • towel, toilet tissue

Cascade Tissue Group

  • toilet tissue

  • S-fold, C-fold, M-fold towels


  • mops

Chase Products Company

  • aerosol cleaners

  • air fresheners

  • insecticides

Colgate-Palmolive Company

  • soaps

  • detergents

A&B Wiper Supply Inc.

  • assorted wipes, rags

Continental Commercial

  • assorted janitorial products

  • receptacles

  • maid carts

Creative Chemicals

  • bowl cleaners

Convalence Tyco Liners

  • liners

  • hi-density, low density

  • all sizes


  • Windex

General Floor Craft

  • floor machines

Fresh Products

  • urinal screens and blocks

  • odor control products

JGreenwood Mop

  • mop heads

  • dust mops

Hydra Sponges

  • assorted sponges

JR Plastics

  • hi-density liners

  • linear low

  • re-pro

Impact Products

  • assorted janitorial products

Inter-State Vinegar

  • vinegar

Jani Source

  • behold

  • endust

  • polishes

Norton Company

  • abrasives

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