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Meet Our Team
Linda King, President
This company has been in the Gilden family for over 60 yrs. Linda has stepped into the role of president so that we may continue to provide our loyal customers with not only the products they want but the customer service they deserve,
Gina Robertson, Vice President

has been with our company over 20 yrs , a dedicated employee and team player handles all aspects of Accounts Payable, Payroll and assists with all when and where needed.

Steve Davidoff, Salesman
Steve Davidoff has been with our company for over 25 years. Also a leader of sales, Steve's persistence in providing his customers with 100% satisfaction has not changed over the years. His dedication to his customers shines through.
OFFICE: 410-525-9100 | CELL: 410-227-4802| E-MAIL:
Connie Collens, Purchasing Agent
Has been with the company since 1998 providing assistance with purchasing, accounts receivable, ordering, and assisting our customers as needed. Connie is a dedicated employee and team player.
Roger Dornan, Warehouse Manager / Repairs
Since 2011 Roger has been apart of the Porters Supply family, he is an asset, assisting where ever needed maintaining a clean and well run facility
Sid Cohen, Collections
A team player who handles all aspects of our Collection Dept. 
Tim Boston & Ansle Morris, Drivers
Dedicated to providing our customers with excellent service and striving to deliver our products in a professional manner.
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